Staying Healthy While Social Distancing

Social distancing is the thing these days – you know, if you want to stay safe and healthy during this strange time we are all facing. While it is equally important to maintain your physical health, it is an essential to remember your mental health. Staying home all day or being out of the normal swing of things can really put a damper on your mood. I’ve created this small list of things to do that may help you stay healthy and active during this time.

1 – Cook healthy meals

How often do we say, “I would eat healthier if I had more time.” Well sis, there’s no better time than when you are in quarantine! We have to add a little humor to get through this. On a more serious note, Pinterest is packed with healthy recipes.

2 – Spring clean

I may be a freak of nature, but I love spring cleaning. Not much makes me happier than the smell of a freshly mopped and dusted home, with my rainbow air purifier running and a good podcast playing in the background. Having your house organized and clean leaves you with a great feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day. 

Not sure where to start? Here are some areas you can focus on:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bathroom Cabinets
  • Closet clean out
  • Garage
  • Laundry room
  • Nightstand

3 – Go outside

Use this time to take a breath of fresh air and relax. Get a little sun (but not too much.) Cut the grass. Plant your flower beds for this season. Redecorate your front porch. Have you ever planted a garden? Now couldn’t be a better time!

4 – Schedule your workouts

With most gyms closing (all in my hometown)… plus not wanting to go to a gym during this pandemic (germ central?)…. This is the perfect time to schedule your at home workouts! I use an app called Sweat. I’ve followed Kayla Itsine’s workout routine since it was an ebook in 2014 and let me tell you – it is 100% legit. She now has an app with a few other ladies – including Kelsey Wells who is also ah-mazing – and I could not recommend it more.

5 – Make goals for yourself

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we came out of this whole social distancing thing healthier, happier and fitter? It is totally possible. Not only can you use this as a time of promoting your physical health but your mental health as well. Take a breath, relax and don’t worry. Maybe you want to loose five pounds or maybe you want to read five books. Whatever your goal is, set it and utilize this time achieve just that. 

I these tips brought you a little motivation today! Stay safe and healthy!

Until next time!

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