Sherwin Williams Farmhouse Paint Colors

Finding the perfect shade for your home can be a daunting task. With so many options out there, it can feel overwhelming walking into a paint store with so many various shades to choose from. I’ve compiled a list of my top six (because I couldn’t narrow it down to just five) Sherwin William’s colors that are sure to spark an interest in your inner-designer. 

If you are searching for a new paint color, check out my top favorite Sherwin Williams paint colors below!

1 – Repose Gray

Repose gray is my all time number one favorite. It is one of Sherwin William’s most popular colors and gives the perfect light gray that doesn’t turn beige in any lighting. Repose Gray stays true to tone and really adds a farmhouse feel to any home. My entire house is painted in repose gray. This color keeps things light and airy while allowing me to accent with any colors while decorating, keeping the perfect flow throughout our home.  

2 – Warm Pewter

Warm Pewter is another top favorite of mine. Our old home was painted with this color and my salon is painted with it. Warm Pewter is another great choice for those who still want the farmhouse-feel but aren’t set on a true to tone gray. In different lightings it can give a warm gray or a gray-beige tone, which makes a home feel welcome and inviting. 

3 – Ellie Gray

This is the last gray I’ll be mentioning on this list but it is one I simply could not leave off! While Repose Gray and Revere Pewter give a light and airy feel, Ellie Gray can be considered more of a bold, deeper gray. It is true to tone and makes for the perfect base color if you prefer a gray color pallet for your home. 

4 – Sea Salt 

Sea Salt is another popular color choice among Sherwin William’s customers for a good reason! This gorgeous color produces blue green undertones that create a relaxing setting for any home. If you are looking for something light and airy that brings color to your home, Sea Salt is the perfect choice!

5 – Alabaster

I couldn’t make this list without including Alabaster! If you are searching for the perfect white, search no further. This color works well with darks and lights. Alabaster makes for the perfect trim color or can make any small space feel bigger. 

6 – Rain Washed

A deeper, more talkative alternative to Sea Salt, Rain Washed still keeps things neutral while giving any room the pop of color it needs. Rain Washed walls against an Alabaster trim is a gorgeous option for any bedroom or bathroom. 

Now that you have a few color options, be sure to check our your local Sherwin Williams store for samples. Their employees have always been so helpful for me and will be sure to get you exactly what you need. Don’t forget how important it is to try samples on your walls before buying your paint. While the color may look perfect in store or in someone else’s home, always consider how colors can change in different lightings! 

I hope this list of colors have helped spark an interest to try something new in your home!

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