DIY Faux Stained Glass Window – The perfect Easter project for kids!

Hey lovelies! This whole social distancing thing has even the best of us feeling a little (okay very) out of sorts! I’ve been trying daily to find a new fun project for my kids to do and with Easter quickly approaching, what better option than a faux stained glass window? The best part? You probably already have the supplies needed to create this lovely masterpiece!

Read along for the tutorial and please be sure to share pictures with me if you try this at home!

Material List

1 – Acrylic paint with dish soap OR Crayola washable paint

2 – Painters Tape OR Electrical tape

3- Paint brush


1. Use the painters tape to shape the design onto the window. Get creative! Like I said earlier, with Easter quickly approaching this is the perfect DIY project for the kiddos, so we added a cross in the center of ours!

2. Get to painting! Paint each shape a different color. If you aren’t using the Crayola Washable paint, don’t forget to add dish soap to your acrylic paint so that it easily washes off. 

3. Tada! All done. 

Was that not the quickest yet most fun DIY for the kiddos? This is a great project to get the community involved in, especially in the midst of this pandemic, we must do our best to spread as much joy and positivity as we can. I pray that your family stays safe and healthy during this time!

Until next time!


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